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Major Differences between Residential and Commercial HVAC Systems

HVAC is Central Heating Ventilation and Air- conditioning. It’s the primary function of the HVAC is to provide heat, cooling as well as oxygenating in both Houses and Commercial Buildings. However, the procedure followed for heating, cooling and oxygenating in different for domestic and commercial HVAC systems. Because at home, the description of the word comfort is very different as compared to the comfort of the industry. At industry need high heating, ventilation, and cooling as compared to home. The provide both home and commercial air conditioning services in Melbourne.

Given below are the Six House and building HVAC difference units-


When we compare the size of the residential and commercial HVAC systems. The volume of the commercial HVAC is more than home HVAC. Because at home you need much less space as compared to factories. Also, the internal features of residential HVAC like blowers, compressors, damper and thermostats are quite different from that of a commercial HVAC. Both the domestic and business HVAC are needed in different areas and function accordingly, that is why they need a different amount of powers and energy source.hvac-system-in-footbal-ground


The places that are chosen for the installation of commercial and residential HVAC is very distinct from each other. While the residential HVAC is held at the backside of the home, the business HVAC is placed on the top of the building.

  • The building placed HVAC makes no noise.
  • The commercial HVAC is large, so the building top is the best space for installing the big HVAC.
  • it is the perfect place for maintenance so  no one is disturbed during the maintenance procedure is going on.

The structure of the HVAC that is commercial should be adjustable to the building where it is installed. Apart from that, the business HVAC is made according to the design of the building. It also affects the type of HVAC installed in the building. It makes the commercial HVAC more difficult mechanism whereas the home – based HVAC requires less power and it is much easier to be used.


The commercial HVAC internal parts are larger, be it engine or the sewer system. The business HVAC consists of various tubes for sewer purpose whereas the residential HVAC is made to function in a small area, so it sewer is also very low. The residential HVAC consist of just one pan; that is suited outside the house.


The procedure of the commercial HVAC on how it is used depends upon where it is being set- up. The set up of the commercial HVAC is interchangeable whereas the residential HVAC cannot be transported easily. The parts of the commercial HVAC can be easily removed, cleaned and maintained. Whereas because in residential HVAC parts are divided inside and outside the house, it can be altered or changed.

  • TOOL

The type of device used in commercial and residential HVAC are quite different from each other. The commercial HVAC has the feature of high heating as well as cooling and the machine gets exhausted soon. Whereas the residential HVAC temperature settings do not vary much. That is why both HVAC are very different from each other.

So, this is the major points that make about the major differences between the Residential and commercial HVAC.